THANGEKO I4 was established by a dynamic team of Civil and Environmental Engineers, to provide civil and environmental engineering services primarily focusing on design, research and management of public and private infrastructure projects.  THANGEKO I4 offers comprehensive engineering design services, management of projects, research and training services for a wide variety of civil and environmental applications and clientele.

Our philosophy is rooted in innovation and flexibility, while guided by the principles of Sustainable Development.  Because of our highly diverse and extensive experience, both in industry and academia, we are able to offer the right services for a wide variety of projects and clients.

Our base is in Nicosia, Cyprus, thus putting us in a strategic position that allows us to easily undertake projects in Europe as well as in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

In addition to being a creative design team, THANGEKO I4 members have strong working relationships with several EU, national, and local agencies and departments, as well as major players from the private sector, as much in Cyprus as in the EU, the US, and the Middle East.  This experience and the relationships developed with these entities streamline the better implementation of projects.  THANGEKO I4 prides itself on its ability to work with clients, regulators, and other stakeholders in providing creative, innovative, practical, and cost effective solutions.